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Wedding Flowers Valencia, Ca

Wedding Tips from Claire’s Flowers I love to find out the history of an entrepreneur and what drew them to their career. Claire’s story of becoming a florist is both sweet and endearing. It all started years ago on the very same property where Claire’s mother and grandma were avid gardeners. They actually cut their own flowers and sold them to the local businesses around town 20 years ago. On the other side of her family, on a weekly basis, her Grandpa sent beautiful bouquets to her grandma. On one end Claire got to observe her mother turn a hobby into a money making venture from home and on the other side she saw the joy that came from receiving a fresh bouquet.

Claire went to Pepperdine University where she majored in nutritional science. She worked in that field for a while until she realized it was more important to her to put fresh flowers on everyone’s desk in the morning. Her passion for horticulture won out and she opened up a flower shop on the very same property she grew up on where she watched her mother dote over the landscape.

Claire’s Flowers is a full service florist run by the husband and wife team, Michael & Claire Middleton. They do flowers for any event. They specializing in matching a high end product and unique design to a personality. They have a couture style with fashionable arrangements. Everything is custom made for you! This year Claire’s Flower Shop celebrated their 10th anniversary!

Claire has such a sweet and cheery personality! Any bride would be blessed to have Claire on her team of wedding professionals. Her passion for her work burns in her kind blue eyes and her love of flowers are what she thinks about before she goes to bed and when she wakes up every morning!
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Wedding Planning Advice from Claire’s Flowers:

1. Have an idea of a theme and colors you would like for your wedding.

2. Be honest with your vendors about what you are comfortable spending at the beginning of your appointment so they can best know how to help you or guide you in the right direction.

3. Choose a florist you feel comfortable and confident with. This is a relationship…

4. Have a consultation with your florist. She should take the time and energy to get to know you and what your floral dreams are.

5. Ask to see florists portfolios to ensure they can make your dreams a reality.

6. Know that there are unlimited combinations of flowers to choose from, but not all are available at all times of the year.

7. Find wedding vendors that know what they are doing but are willing to guide you in the right direction.

8. Call early to save your date

9. Choose a full service florist

10. Choose a florist that can match a high end product and uniue design to your personality

11. Don’t neglect flowers for your sweetheart and cake tables as these are one of the most photographed areas of the reception
                                                        Claire & Michael with son, Noah.

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